Saumya Joshi

Saumya Joshi

An award-winning playwright, director, actor and poet, Saumya Joshi is widely known for his contributions to the world of theatre, filmmaking and screenwriting. His critically acclaimed play, ‘Welcome Zindagi’ and his screenplays for films like "Dhaandho" and "Shu Thayu?" are where he skilfully crafts compelling narratives. His critically acclaimed play “102 Not Out’ has been performed more than 600 times in India and abroad. It has also been adapted into a film starring Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor.

A few of his original plays include Tututu Tutu Tara, Dharoke Tame Manji Chho, Mahatma Bomb, and Dost Chokkas Ahin Nagar Vasatun Hatun. He was also the dialogue writer and lyricist of the National award-winning film ‘Hellaro’. From designing ‘WINGS’, an esteemed theatre festival in 2005 to mentoring several, he has been spreading his knowledge to aspiring artists and students. His other credited works include a collection of his poems in a book titled ‘The Greenroom’, and the web & TV series ‘Faadu’ and ‘Tamanna’.

Saumya's exceptional talent has been recognized with numerous accolades and awards. Some of these notable honours include the esteemed B.K. Thakore Award and Ravji Patel Award for his poetic contributions. Additionally, he has been bestowed with the Gujarat Rajya Gaurav Puruskar (2007), Girnar Natya Shiromani Puraskar (2012), and Times of India Face of The Year (2002).


Chirag Modi

Chirag Modi

Chirag's love for theatre is a vibrant reflection of his personality in tune with his creative spirit and zest for life. Theatre happened to him by chance but has now become an integral part of his life. He credits his growth as an artist to his academic and life experiences. "Dost," "Mare Rashtragan Vechvu Chhe," and "Mujhe Fir Ek Baar Mujhe Dekhna Hai," were his original productions that helped him discover his passion and potential for the performing arts. With over 17 years of experience as a playwright, director, and mentor, he delivers captivating productions and performances for the masses. He created Ouroboros, Ahmedabad's first black box theatre, where all art forms are celebrated. There he provided a platform to budding artists and also mentored them in their creative endeavours, helping them transform their dreams into reality. He aspires to continue this vision in Abhivyakti Edition 5, as a curator where he aims to showcase numerous stories from budding artists and share them with the world. Experience the magic of theatre and storytelling with Chirag Modi in Abhivyakti Edition 5.

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Amit Khuva is the personification of the term "prodigy." A stand-up comedian, Amit has been making people laugh with his insights and punches since the age of 7. The India Book of Records has recognized him as the youngest comedian of India. He has been featured in various TV shows and is globally acclaimed for his sense of humor. Amit Khuva's enthusiasm for humour is seen in his extensive understanding of the genre. He has mastered 38 types of comedy and is presently working on his PhD in the 39th. He is also the founder of India’s First Comedy Training Academy and has proficiently trained many comedians across the globe. Amit’s comedy binds people in a harmony of laughter and his insights and observations are versatile enough that his jokes are relevant from a 5-year-old child to an 80-year-old man. As a content creator of the Humor Category. Amit aspires to expose the audience to new and unexplored forms of comedy and bring something new on stage. Get your funny bones tickled by Amit Khuva in Abhivyakti Edition 4


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