Amithabh Kumar, Antra Khurana, Sanket Pethkar, Rai & Pramita

Created by an Ensemble of 5 diverse artists, this project is a 60-page silent comic book that will be made public through creative distribution strategies across Ahmedabad.

Introducing the five contributors who made this book, Pramita is a versatile artist who dabbles in music, theatre and drawing; Rai explores the fields of comics, play cultures, world-building and media forms; Sanket Pethkar is a Mumbai based visual artist who is the recipient of the first Jarul Picture Book Award, for his work The Night Monster; Antra Khurana is a colour enthusiast who savours loud, bright colours; and last but not least, Amitabh Kumar who is an artist renowned for his comics, public murals and pop-up markets.