About us

The idea for creating a platform such as Abhivyakti arose from the understanding that it is necessary to make art available and accessible to people from all social strata. Historically, the ability to enjoy art is associated to a position of privilege. It is to debunk this construction, that Abhivyakti pursues to reach out to a more heterogeneous group of audience. Every individual finds themselves with an unquenchable desire to voice their minds and to express thought. We provide a medium that enables dialogue around this and further pushes us to ask new questions.

The Project

Millions of years ago, when man first picked up a stone and etched a line on a cave wall, art has pervaded human life. It has allowed us to speak to the most real part of us – the part that we so consciously hide behind the veil of our routines, rituals & reality. Artists and their art are not a transcendent metamorphosis of our mundane existence or a revolt against societal stigma; they are but a window to the soul, from which we can see the truth within.

Abhivyakti was conceived with this very spirit – to make art of modern times, a vital and meaningful part of public life. More than a mere ‘showcase’ of inter- disciplinary arts, we are a mutual ground for a myriad of artists and audiences, to come together, indulge in cathartic experiences, and relish the true flavor of the various genres of art. From light- hearted pieces to more thought-provoking and enlightening works, our endeavors are guided by an enduring commitment to encourage creativity by revealing new artistic expressions that will eventually evolve into a cultural habit.

Inspire the spirit of collaboration between Interdisciplinary arts Engage audiences through shared experiences with art Bridge the gap between art, artists & audiences Encourage fledging artists We persevere to


The story of Abhivyakti is that of turning ‘Expressions into Impressions’; of making art a meaningful part of public life. Recounting our footsteps, the idea ofAbhivyakti came into being with a simple thought – To offer a stage and the means in which art and people connect. From cultural icons to experimental artists, our vision was to be a catalyst for the art, ideas, and conversations that are meaningful to artists and audiences alike.

Taking this idea further, we constituted a strong platform for our pilot edition. After thorough research and contributions from experts, we defined 5 possible formats that encompassed various core verticals of arts. We handpicked entries, and engaged with selected artists in intense group discussions to gauge the depth of their concept proposals.

To incubate & shape ideas, we identified field specific mentors and connected them with our artists to help them transform their ideas into becoming works of compelling art.

Today, our perseverance has resulted in making Abhivyakti a space that thrives in the presence of art; a place where visitors discover a breadth of modern and contemporary works including paintings, sculpture, installations, music, dance theatre under one roof. Driven by an unwavering vision of expanding depth and breadth of cultural life, we remained forever renewed in our quest to embrace creativity, and giving audiences, new ways of seeing the world.


“Driving strong & measurable action to bring about positive change in the society.” – Such is the philosophy of UN Mehta Foundation. Born from the humanitarian ideology of Shri UN Mehta, the founder-chairman of Torrent Group, the foundation responds meaningfully to today’s challenges, especially in healthcare education, and in the public-welfare arenas.

The foundation sees equal value in all lives and is dedicated to improving the quality of life of the communities it works with. From the education of students in remotest of places, to providing better healthcare access to rural communities, UNMF optimistically touches lives, without bias.

As a measure of success, Urja, UNMF’s school, provides free education to the young and healthcare programs like Srushti, offer comprehensive healthcare facilities to the rural folk. The foundation also provides, financial assistance for higher education in fields like medicine and engineering to eligible students from weak financial background.

By focusing more on people than problems; the foundation works on result- oriented approach. By constantly refining its strategies, and having its ears and heart embedded in the community, UNMF strives to ensure that the aggregate power of its initiatives always inspires a holistic change in the society.