Sanjay Uvaacha 16 Feb

Sanjay Uvaacha

7:00 pm


Entire human history is filled with wars. Since the evolution of the human race, the world is in waged war at every point in time in any place. Everything is destroyed in the war, the only thing left is screaming, tears and silence. Sanjay, the character of Mahabharata, not only saw the whole of Mahabharata but also experienced the massacre of his own relatives. He saw his own relatives meeting the fate of death and families getting destroyed in the wage of war. You cannot measure the pain of Sanjay, who described Mahabharata to Dhrustrashtra merely in terms of words. Many people have seen and experienced the pain of war alike Sanjay. This story is about many ‘Sanjay’ who are directly or indirectly witnesses to man-made violence.

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