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Ankit Gor began his artistic journey from 5th grade, as a student of Darpana academy. But his real love for theater developed when he entered college, and realized that ‘to create is more difficult, yet critical than to perform’. It was with this revelation that he focused on writing original & compelling content, to fulfill his passion for performance.

The roots of his latest concept Pythagoras, for Abhivyakti Edition 2 date back to early 2014 and come from his stark observation of today’s parenting methods, the expectation of parents when it comes to pre-determining the careers of their children, and the pseudo-psychological mentality of passing failed aspirations of parents on their children. The arc of the story follows a father, a flopped mathematician, and his daughter, studying in the 10th grade, who inadvertently fails in Math as a subject in her exams. The act takes Pythagoras theorem, as an anchor point and shows the struggle of father in teaching his daughter the concept, while in reality he is subconsciously expecting her to succeed where he failed. The concept takes current parenting methods by the horns, and aims to bring to light the hypocrisy and questions their way of parenting.