Life in Closet on 16 feb by Jaimil joshi

Life in A Closet

7:15 pm


Often times we have seen that some people like to confine themselves in a world they feel is secure for them and where they can be themselves rather than being in the outer world where they have to camouflage their true identity and hide their emotions, feelings, desires and dreams.

So they build a closet around them where they think they can find their true forms and live the life they long for. Closet is our own small world created by us. This is a world where we can be ourselves without any fear shame or problems.

Here in this ‘Closet’, we feel unbound and liberated. To others this closet may seem dark and caged but in reality it’s full of colours which gives us the freedom of being ourselves where we can do whatever we wish to.

The performance will depict closets and lives in it with the help of composed music, poetic narration and dance.

Come to see through the Closets of human life around us.

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7:15 pm