At Abhivykati our vision is “to make art an integral part of the social fabric of Ahmedabad city through enabling access for audiences without constraint of location, thresholds (physical and individual) and social or economic strata”.  Our commitment to Abhivykati is driven by our belief that opportunity to engage and experience the arts is vital to creating society/community that tolerates, accepts and engages.


  • Responsible for communicating the idea, structure and process of Abhivyakti to the artists fraternity.
  • Sourcing artists and inviting applications on behalf of Abhivyakti for participation and helping applicants articulate proposals of their art idea/concept and project.
  • Scrutinizing ideas/concepts to be presented for review and  to Mentors that have promising  capacity of becoming full fledge performances and or visual arts participants in Edition 4.
  • Arranging review sessions on a periodic basis and help in selecting the final acts.
  • Working with artists to help them develop fresh material/concept based on suggestions given by reviewers and Mentors.
  • Working with chosen acts to improve content to make it ready for showcasing in Edition 4.
  • Organize master classes to review all the work from time to time.
  • Help chosen artists grasp and identify technical requirements.
  • Communicate in advance technical requirements to Administrative team.
  • Be available through the events to monitor the acts and exhibitions.
  • Ability to communicate (oral and written) and work in teams.


It would be a contractual position restricted to Edition 4.

Mail us your detailed bio with art expression on

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