Krunal Gohil

While some people are drawn towards wildlife to enhance their photography, Krunal was motivated to pick up a camera to document his love and fascination for the wildlife. Since childhood, the wildlife and domestic animals that surrounded him at his birthplace (Anghad) have been his most profound passion and driving force. This connection with fauna formed his foundational perspective towards photography and art in general and encapsulated the essence of what he tries to convey through his images. He completed his Bachelors in Visual Arts from CVM College of Fine Arts in Vallabh Vidhyanagar. He paved his way to Baroda for his Masters in Printmaking which he did from M.S. University.

For his love of wildlife, he cannot tolerate them being oppressed by humans and their exploitation for our unilateral gains. To symbolise this un-natural phenomenon, Krunal has installed large woodcut panels that explore this dynamic relation of man and animals.