Abhivyakti Edition 2

With an inspiring first edition in its wake, Abhivyakti is all set to return in summer of 2019, with an array of arts and artistic experiences, drawn from diverse cultures and art forms. Driven by an unwavering vision of expanding depth and breadth of cultural life, we continue to embrace creativity, and giving audiences, new ways of seeing the world.

This year, curators of Abhivyakti call for proposals that are on the cusp of these possibilities. On one hand we hope to receive proposals that are reflective and ponder the times we live in, and in the same breath we want these proposals to have innocence, depth of the timeless and wondrous idea of art. We invite proposals that are fearful of what they want to say, even anxious, but at the same time have power to initiate dialogues with those who care to unsettle the settled and to bring solace to the troubled.

Meet Our Curators

Mitul Kajaria

"Necessity is the only source of all true art."

An independent artist with photography as his primary medium of expression, he has worked in multiple genres including documentary, conceptual, landscapes et al. His work has been showcased in galleries and publications throughout the country.

Akash Bhatt

"Music bridges gap between time, languages and cultures."

His Journey from a 'student' to 'collaborating musician' for projects with National Theatre of Belgrade, Radio Belgrade(Serbia), musicians from India, Europe & the Middle East has earned him the knowhow in performing various music genres.

Pooja Purohit

"When you can't find words dance."

Pooja is a professional performing artist and yoga instructor, with a constant urge to explore and learn. She has been a lead performer with Darpana performing troupe under the leadership of renowned dancer and choreographer Mallika Sarabhai. She has been performing in India and abroad for over a decade and is currently involved in multiple projects both as a performer and curator.

Ankit Gor

"Theatre is a platform which challanges and encourages to say the unsaid."

He is a theatre artist who has been working in the field for a decade. His work deals with contemporary issues like vitrualism and mental health, etc. Over the years he has worked as and actor, writer, and director, with multiple productions and awards to his name.

Curator's Note


Imagining and communicating are two faces of our existence. Duality of the present and timeless prevails at all times. The world is in flux, ever changing, new contours of values and meanings get written even before old ones are forgotten. And yet more it changes – it remains the same. It remains constant, coagulant flux with everchanging contours but of the same matter. Art provides society with a mirror it requires to reassess reflection of our times and beyond.

This year, curators of Abhivyakti edition 2 will bring forth arts that are on the cusp of these possibilities – They will present expressions that are reflective and ponder on the times we live in, but at the same time maintaining the innocence, depth and the wonder of the basic idea that formed these expressions. We have invited proposals which are fearful of what they want to say, even anxious, but at the same time have power to initiate dialogues with those who care to unsettle the settled and to bring solace to the troubled.

Theatre Artist

  • Shakti

    Shakti Dodhiya

    The arc of the story highlights the core issue of today’s political propagandas that use cows as a vote bank rather than a poised holy symbol of Hinduism. The play’s humorous narrative has it all – name smearing, manifesto of cow versus contender, all of which is embellished with the flavor of local spoken language.
  • Harshil

    Harshil Bhatt

    His induction to Abhivyakti Edition 2 comes in the form of his concept ‘Swamy’s Sound Studio’ a story he read years ago, about a sound artist, unable to cope with loss of hearing, who ultimately committed suicide. The story revolves around the very struggle of a sound artist, who works around the clock, identifying minutest sounds for his projects.
  • Anahita

    Anahita Sarabhai

    For Abhivyakti’s Edition 2, Anahita’s dynamic piece is bifurcated into thought reflection for audience and the power of context over character. The short length of the performance is a deliberate attempt to keep the emotions of audiences on the edge of their hearts and leave them with something to ponder over.
  • Rupanshi

    Rupanshi Kashyap

    It was early 2018 when Rupanshi first heard the story of Nizam Auliya and Amir Khusro. Emotionally touched by the beautiful narrative of the relationship between pupil and his master, Rupanshi’s developed a personal attachment to the concept and decided to make it as a unique Dance-Drama performance at Abhivyakti Edition 2.
  • Abhinay

    Abhinay Banker

    Abhinay comes to Abhivyakti with a rather unique concept that allows actors to be immersed in their character, by not giving them a script to rehearse with. His play focuses on giving actors the opportunity to understand their counterparts, and in turn, their own roles, which will bring out the true flavor of their stage personalities.
  • Ankit Gor

    Ankit Gor

    The roots of his latest concept PYTHAGORAS, for Abhivyakti Edition 2 date back to early 2014 and come from his stark observation of today’s parenting methods, the expectation of parents when it comes to pre-determining the careers of their children, and the pseudo-psychological mentality of passing failed aspirations of parents onto their children.

Music Artist

  • Himanshu

    Himanshu Desai

    His concept Neelkanth Redux for Abhivyakti Edition 2 comes from his time as a young musician from Banaras. Here, living and playing music with nomadic saints, he literally ‘discovered’ music, in a form never before tried on guitar. He called this scale ‘The Neelkanth Tuning’ and considers it a gift from lord Shiva.
  • Tejrani

    Tarjani Hirani

    She comes to Abhivyakti with a strong concept that dives into human emotions when they hear a particular sound for the first time. She says that “whenever we hear a sound, we compare the rhythmic patterns with something familiar, sort of like Déjà vu, and I will be presenting the same concept with Indian music”.
  • Jayan

    Jayan Nair

    His concept for Abhivyakti’s edition 2 is a very unique one, wherein he will weave the story told in Nandan Pat, a folk song from Kerala, into the rhythm and expression of Gujarati Dayro. He conceived this idea after understanding that while stories inherent to folk music may be presented in a different way based on region they originate from, there are several similarities in them.
  • Paulam

    Akash Bhatt

    Through “ROOTS BRANCHES” Akash will explore artistic relationship of the folk music styles of Gujarat with their roots and at the same time, introduce to the audiences to ‘cross-genre’ music which has a sound or a musical language that is yet to be introduced to folk music scene, yet has meaningful and creative conversation with such traditional melodies.
  • Paulam

    Paulom Mistry

    He brings his love for sounds to Abhivyakti Edition – 2 in the form of a composition he calls ‘In search of sonic identity’. His piece will take this very sonic texture and take the audience on a trip down the memory lane, using sounds that we’ve all heard while growing up, some of which have been lost with time, and replaced by newer, more bellowed and prominent versions.
  • Paulam

    Debolina Garani - Ronak Pandit

    In Abhivyakti Edition 2, the duo's path converged when their concepts about Jazz and Indian music were found by the curators to be two sides of the same coin- with one complementing the other. Hence they combined their acts to bring forth a unique 2-part Indo-Jazz Fusion Project.

Dance Artist

  • Harshal

    Harshal Vyas

    For edition 2, he’s returning with a unique group performance concept called Kites, that’ll showcase the struggle of a human being portrayed to fight sequence between two kites, that we usually see on Uttarayan. Harshal’s performance will present this concept through a mixture of elegant Ballet movements and contemporary dance, which will be the first such attempt in Ahmedabad.
  • deepak

    Deepak Sharma

    He comes to Abhivyakti Edition 2 with his troupe, with a scintillating street dance performance concept called Tinge of Actuality. The arc of this 5-part concept starts with a dramatic a video presentation on ‘Sadness’ an emotion that most of us struggle with.
  • Sonal-Tilak

    Tilak Kori & Sonal Solanki

    His concept for Abhivyakti Edition 2 is called Thapan, which is a very strong take on the disappearing dance forms, by melding various rare genres like Bhil Dance, Dang Dance and more popular ones like Raas and Garba.
  • Paulam

    Jignesh Surani

    Jignesh’s performance at Abhivyakti Edition 2 focuses a very well known tale of lion and the rabbit from the classic Panchtantra collection, presented in a never- before-seen dance drama form. By using a mix of beats, fusion music and Bharatnatyam, he is presenting this concept as a call-to-action of something much deeper, which audiences must see to understand and enjoy.
  • Vaishali

    Vaishali Trivedi

    Her performance 'Still Water', for Abhivyakti Edition 2 is a profound take on the times that we live in. By capturing emotions like happiness, sadness, humor, thought provoking ideas, which will be highlighted through an energetic performance. “The intensity and the level of energy never drops throughout, which will keep audiences immersed throughout”, is how she quotes about the overall theme of her concept.

Visual Artist

  • Harshal

    Koral Adenwala

    For Abhivyakti Edition 2 she calls her concept Rote, which means mechanical repetition. In she describes in her words “an exploration of movement in English, through letters & colors”. Rote questions the stereotype ways of representing letters, where in ‘A’ may not stand for apple at all, but could mean something else entirely!
  • deepak

    Anuja Khokani

    She comes to Abhivyakti, extrapolating her experiences drawn from her personal journey, with the objective of bringing forth conversations about women’s issues that are often subverted or avoided. She says “Some issues that women face simply cannot be articulated into words – for example, from taking a late night cab, to finding accommodation as a single woman, our issues mutate wherever we go, and it is these very emotions, that I wish to bring to light”.
  • Sonal-Tilak

    Yasir Bakili

    Yasir’s photography is based on capturing human psychology and emotions. His concept for Abhivyakti edition 2 will exhibit ‘life at beach’ in a unique perspective, by combining 2 photos together. From capturing expressions, highlighting a form or just showcasing a mood, Life at Beach by Yasir, will truly give audiences a never-before-seen view of the ocean side.
  • Paulam

    Rushabh Vishwakarma

    Rushabh comes to Abhivyakti Edition with a profound installation concept that shows us a true face of a chaotic world, smothered by conflicts and divides. He says explaining his concept that “We are living on the brink of chaos, that we ourselves have brought upon us. Drawing from this very livid experience, he has created an installation that shows the cause, effect and the aftermath of clashes, to lead audiences in understanding that this may be their certain future
  • pramila

    Pramila Choudhary

    Her concept for Abhivyakti Edition 2 is called Minute Mould, which draws inspiration from our sheer avoidance of human interaction and choosing our devices as our safe haven or just to pass the time. Pramila will be combining her installation, with interactive elements to encourage audiences to interact with one another and observe their reactions and exchanges with the piece.
  • Vaishali

    Ishita Jain & Harsh Bhavsar

    They come to Abhivyakti with a never-before-seen trans-media concept called Resting Place. Ishita describes this rather unique trans-media project, which will be the first of its kind for Ahmedabad’s audiences as “It is a story that never ends, and it grows every time we perform”. Resting Place is a perpetual story, and a completely different genre makes Ishita and Harsh’s narrative fall in the category of ‘only those who see it will experience it’.


This year Abhivyakti is back with some unseen and never heard of performances at multiple venues. One of which is Dinesh Hall Ashram Road and Second one which is Bhavan’s Sheth R.A. College of Arts and Commerce Khanpur road. Keep watching this space for updates on other venue.

Address 1 : Dinesh Hall, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009

Address 2 : Bhavan’s College, Near Riverfront, besides Rifle Club Khanpur, Ahmedabad – 380001