About us Abhivyakti

The idea for creating a platform such as Abhivyakti arose from the understanding that it is necessary to make art available and accessible to people from all social strata. Historically, the ability to enjoy art is associates to a position of privilege. It is debunk this construction, that Abhivyakti pursues to reach out to a more heterogeneous group of audience. Every individual finds themselves with an unquenchable desire to voice their minds and to express thought. We provide a medium that enables dialogue around this and further pushes us to ask new questions.


Inside the Creative Den

Discussion unfolding, expressions emerging ideas shaping; it's all happening inside Abhivyakti's masterclass

Get ready to be Amazed

The entries have settled, and artists have found their creative stride, here's what you can expect from upcoming edition 2

A Glimpse of the Unmissable

Abhivyakti edition 1 had a scintillationg line-up of art, artists & audiences


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